Hacci Beauty Supplement Bee Hada

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Supports daily cleanliness and beauty. Let's start the bowel habit with beauty enzyme supplement that gently moods both body and heart.

The body is connected. Rather than care only for the stomach or the intestines, you can provide total support for health and beauty by considering it as a continuous path from entering the mouth and discharging it from the body. HACCI's beauty enzyme supplement BEE + HADA focuses on the road that leads to this one = Avenue. Designed to work effectively with selected enzymes and useful ingredients within the avenue. Coordinating the ingredients derived from honeybees unique to HACCI and beauty ingredients that aim for a smooth body circulation. Let's make it beautiful from the inside.

Hacci carefully selected food enzymes such as pasteurized kiwifruit powder, fermented cereal powder and rice koji. For a refreshing, everyday life.

Contains lactic acid bacterium powder, furi powder <dietary fiber>, psyllium husk <Plant-derived dietary fiber>, galactooligosaccharide powder. Hacci supports healthy lifestyles.

In addition to Hakkoda Bear Bear Bamboo Extract, black vinegar powder that contains plenty of essential amino acids, zinc-containing yeast, royal jelly, and other ingredients that provide total care for beauty and health are well-blended.

  • Take 3 capsules daily with water or lukewarm water. (Basically, you can enjoy it anytime, but we recommend that you enjoy it before or after your meal.)