EXCIA AL Powder Foundation Extreme Set

Color OC101 refill

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EXCIA AL Powder Foundation Extreme Set.

Fits freely, covers elegantly and beautifully.
Skillfully repaint even facial expression wrinkles.
A powder-type foundation that instantly creates beautiful formal skin with an attractive and ultimate look.
The soft powder spreads with a luxurious feel that melts into the skin, creating a fine, smooth, and beautiful skin with a perfect look.
By skillfully covering unevenness such as texture, pores, fine wrinkles, and uneven color to make the skin uniform and smooth, the treatment ingredients are added to create a dry and moist finish.
It responds to changes in the skin during the day such as wobbling and dullness, and the beautiful finish lasts for a long time as if you remember the beauty of the freshly applied skin.

12 g/ 6 colors/ SPF25 PA +++