Exage Shimmer Barrier Hydrate Lotion


Exage Shimmer Barrier Hydrate Lotion

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Albion Exage Shimmer Barrier Hydrate Lotion

The freshness of the skin is sealed and not missed.
For the drying cycle. Moisturizing condensed lotion.

A feeling of firmness and transparency that makes you feel like you're popping and squeezing.

With a plump and elastic base, it is a whitening lotion that fills every corner with moisture, suppresses the production of melanin, prevents spots and freckles, and gives a healthy and beautiful skin.



    After the milky lotion, soak a teaspoon (about 3 ml) in cotton and apply it to the entire face while putting.

    * Whitening active ingredient: Tranexamic acid
    ● Barrier plus ingredient * combination. (Purpose of compounding: Moisturizing)
    * PCA-Na (DL-sodium pyrrolidone carboxylate solution)
    Condition the skin and give it a healthy skin that is resistant to rough skin and dryness.
    ● Contains white fungus polysaccharide and Houttuynia cordata extract. (Purpose of compounding: moisturizing)
    ● Contains essential oil (fragrance).
    A pleasant scent that fills your heart will spread abundantly.
    ● Paraben (preservative) free