Etvos Mineral UV Veil 2024

Color Sakura pink

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Etvos Mineral UV Veil 2024.

UV protection and beautiful skin correction over foundation.
Finishes smoothly. Repair UV compact.
Pressed type UV powder that is convenient to carry.
You can reapply UV rays and touch up makeup at the same time, and it won't feel too thick even when layered over foundation.
It protects your skin from not only UV rays, but also near infrared rays, blue light, and long UVA, and is lightweight to use and beautifully covers pores and uneven color.

Make your daily UV care and makeup more fun and beautiful.

SPF45 PA+++, release on March 1st.

Sakura pink - Tone up complexion
An elegant tone-up finish with a complexion. Contains glucosyl hesperidin (skin conditioning ingredient).

Natural beige - Natural pore dullness
A nearly colorless beige that naturally covers pores and dullness.