Etvos Mineral Pressed Cheek

Color sheer lilac

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Etvos Mineral Pressed Cheek.

The functional blush for sensitive skin has been renewed.
Give your face a sense of transparency and three-dimensionality while being protected with SPF20 PA++.
The blush that comfortably colors sensitive cheeks has been renewed. The combination of the main color that creates a complexion and nuance, and the highlight color that brings out the transparency and luster of the skin gives a three-dimensional look.

Contains beauty ingredients that provide moisture for cheeks that tend to dry out due to their lack of sebaceous glands. Additionally, it also has SPF20 PA++, which is great for cheeks that are concerned about age spots.
The formula is gentle on the skin and as simple as possible, and it complements your facial expressions beautifully and functionally.

2024.5.1 renewal

#Sheer lilac

A combination of pale pink and lilac with a sense of transparency.
Pair the main color with a light blue tone with a highlight color with delicate polarized pearls. The two colors create a pale complexion that brightens up your expression.

#copper pink

A classic and elegant combination of pink and copper beige. Pair the main color, which is chic like red wine, with a highlight color that brings out its depth with a gentle sparkle. The two colors create a fragrant and sophisticated impression.

#tea beige

A combination of light orange and cinnamon color that gives off a healthy sense of warmth. Pair the milky main color that blends smoothly with a fresh, glossy highlight color. The two colors create a natural complexion that adds dimension to your facial expressions.


A combination of orange gold and light brown that creates a sharp contrast. Pair the main color, which can also be used for shading, with a highlight color that creates a gorgeous sparkle. The contrast created by the two colors creates a cool impression.