Etvos Mineral Classy Shadow

Color Slow Beige

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Etvos Mineral Classy Shadow.

Mineral Classy Shadow, which boasts deep-rooted popularity,
has been renewed with new beauty ingredients.
A mineral-born classy shadow that allows you to freely enjoy your favorite makeup even with sensitive skin.
We will make everything more sophisticated and deliver high-quality makeup that everyone can enjoy freely.

#slow beige

A beige-brown palette that brings gentleness and elegance to your expression.
A classic and versatile color combination with soft beige tones that blend perfectly with your skin tone.
Although it is natural, it can also give a formal impression depending on how you use it.

#french fig

A pink mauve palette that combines a somewhat ephemeral impression with a casually dignified expression.
The contrast between the subdued sweetness of an adult and the bright sparkle of glitter creates a captivating look.
A somewhat dignified warm tone that makes you feel trendy without being overbearing.

#brick orange

An orange-brown palette that makes you feel warm.
The gentle redness adds depth to the eyelids, and the silver-gold glitter adds a sophisticated accent.
Dignified eyes with coloring that contains supple strength and gentleness.

#ginger camel

A shiny beige palette with delicate reflections of light.
The wet luster and large drops of light brighten the eyes like a reflector, giving a sense of life.
For adult innocent eyes with a sharp spoonful of spice.

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