Decorte Whitelogist Overnight Inner Plus
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Decorte Whitelogist Overnight Inner Plus



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WHITELOGIST brighting correcting serum approaches the skin from within for transparent beauty.

Food with nutrient function claims (Vitamin C, Vitamin E,Vitamin B2) that contains GRAPE SEED EXTRACT. GRAPE SEED EXTRACT has especially strong antioxidant properties and is also known as the king of polyphenols.
PINEAPPLE FRUIT EXTRACT (CERAMIDE COMPONENT)- Plant ceramides derived from pineapples. Draw out fresh, dewy beauty.
L-THEANINE - A type of amino acid found in high concentrations in premium green tea. For soothing, restful moments.
BIFIDUS BACILLUS (STERILIZATION) - A representative probiotic that ensures health balance. Supports a smooth, regular lifestyle.

  • Take four tablets a day with water without chewing.
  • 120 tablets