Decorte Hydra Clarity Treatment Essence Illuminating Mask

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Decorte Hydra Clarity Treatment Essence Illuminating Mask.

Fresh and transparent. Transparency of "Beautiful skin sugar".
In about 5 minutes, a dense moisturizing charge is completed.
"Beautiful skin sugar" high concentration Combined sheet mask.

Capacity: 14 sheets (161 mL)

● Open the cap, pull up the ring, and remove the inner lid. After that, take out the transparent film inside before using it.
● Please use it on clean skin in the morning and at night after moisturizing the skin with the milky lotion of Cosmetics Decorte or after washing your face. * You can replace it with your usual lotion.
● Take out the mask and gently unfold it. (At that time, the liquid may drip, so be careful not to stain your clothes.)
● Hold the part of your nose with both hands and place it on your face according to the shape of your eyes. Hold the sides of the nose around and press it with your hands to bring it into close contact.
● After waiting for about 5 minutes, remove the mask and let the liquid remaining on your skin blend well.