Celvoke Vatic Eye Palette 2024 Summer Makeup Collection

Color EX10 Majestic Orange

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Celvoke Vatic Eye Palette 2024 Summer Makeup Collection.

Embodying the gradation and transparency of the sky and earth of the savannah. Introducing a limited edition eye palette with a “wet gloss” texture that dyes your eyelids.

Bright and delicate coloring that does not get muddy even when layered.
The signature eye palette “Mauve x Pink” and “Orange x Brown” will be available in limited packaging.
In addition to a variety of soft and sparkling polarized pearls and brilliantly shining pearls, this set also includes soft matte.
Blends smoothly into the eyelids,
creating a sheer and vivid color reminiscent of the sunrise on the savannah and the majestic land.
It also contains moisturizing ingredients derived from plants, such as certified organic argan oil.
A modern and elegant item that will enhance your deep summer look.

・EX09 Flamingo Mauve
・EX10 Majestic Orange