Celvoke Multi Palette 2023 Summer

Color EX01 Bohemian Journey

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Celvoke Multi Palette 2023 Summer.

Give your eyelids, eyebrows, cheeks and lips a sense of vitality that shines in the summer sun. A limited-edition multi-palette that will make your makeup flutter freely.

EX01 Bohemian Journey
An eyeshadow that draws a gradation of deep copper and transparent smoky brown that looks great on healthy skin exposed to the sun.
A garnet multi-color that gives a flushed complexion, and a radish brown eyebrow that makes use of redness and lame expresses a sense of freshness and vitality, giving a lively alive charm and urban sophistication.

EX02 Nomadic Tribe
A deep dusty pink that exudes sweetness and sex appeal, and a layered layer of blue glitter that spreads through the yellow, creating a transparent and wet luster on the sexy eyes that feel the body temperature.
The eyebrows, which have a sweetness in the orange multicolor that is familiar to the skin and expresses the exhilaration of summer, lead to an expression that makes you feel mature and sexy.

Released on 04/18/2023