Celvoke Mood Palette

Color 01 Pink

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Celvoke Mood Palette.

A new concept color concealer that fulfills your worries cover and mood minimal.

A color (Top Color) - Mood color, a color that is hard to twist due to the plate wax forming a film, and creates a glossy and ruddy feeling. 01: To the impression of pink sensual complexion, 02: Purple To an innocent impression full of happiness.

B color (Middle Color) - Light foundation, the exquisite color design that blends into the skin regardless of skin color, and the clear luster of vegetable oil create a sense of sheerness while providing coverage.

C color (Botton Color) - High cover concealer, the perfect balance of high-adhesion oil and powder pinpoints, and corrects your worries.

  • Available from September 04, 2020

How to use - 

1. Brush C on spots and acne scars where bears are concerned.
2. Put A from the side of the nose to the cheeks and let it blend in.
3. Put B on top of 1 and 2 and let it blend in.