Attenir Dress Lift Lotion

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Maintains the level of beautiful skin and fills with firmness.
For a new firm skin feel that pushes back. Keep your skin beautiful and have a real tension. Original material that holds the "life of beauty".
Focus on the fact that the skin beautifying factors related to the life span of beauty decrease over time. "Surturizer S6" draws out the power to maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin itself, and keeps the level of beautiful skin high to maintain the ideal elasticity.
What was added to "Dreslift" is a special "fermented collagen" that was fermented with Aspergillus and reduced to a low molecular weight by an enzyme. The feature is that it has a smaller molecular weight than general collagen so that it can penetrate deeper into the stratum corneum faster and more reliably. Collagen is supplemented with collagen that is rich in quality and quantity that is necessary for 40s.

  • 150ml