Albion Wrinkle Repair Lift


Albion Wrinkle Repair Lift

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Albion Wrinkle Repair Lift.

To the depths of "wrinkle improvement".
Approach all wrinkle problems.
Contains the active ingredient "niacinamide", which has been shown to improve wrinkles.

Approaches all wrinkle problems such as eyes and mouth. A medicated cream that improves wrinkles.

The rich rich base blends in like it melts in, giving you a supple tension while filling it full.

How to use - Please use at the end of morning and evening care. Take an appropriate amount and apply it to areas of concern such as around the eyes and mouth, forehead, and between the eyebrows. Lightly apply the slanted part of the tube tip to the skin, apply cream to gently pull up wrinkles, and apply with your fingertips.