Albion Spalanka Oil Serum

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Albion Spalanka Oil Serum.

An oily serum and massage agent that leads to vibrant, glossy, and supple skin.
Contains tulsi extract and adatoda extract extracted from traditional Sri Lankan plants. With a comfortable texture that blends smoothly into the skin, it brings a sense of vitality and luster to the skin. A delight herbal scent that makes you want to take a deep breath, based on the aromatic components of the tulsi plant.


    Can be used on the scalp, face, and body.
    Turn the head of the pump in the direction of the arrow (counterclockwise) until it clicks into place.
    Take an appropriate amount in the palm of your hand and massage it into your palm.
    If you are using it on your scalp, please massage it with your fingertips after towel drying or on a dry scalp.

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