Addiction Tokyo Invisible Essence Loose Powder Translucent

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Addiction Tokyo Invisible Essence Loose Powder Translucent.

Ceramide-coated powder melts like an essence, creating a smooth texture.
A loose powder that manipulates the transmission and reflection of light to create a fine finish that is as fresh as bare skin.
With invisible transparency and moisture from ceramide and emollient oil, it creates a
moist, smooth finish that feels like bare skin.
Use translucent for fine skin and glow for a moisturized luster.

Release on September 16, 2022.

5g / 001 Translucent - High transparency for fine skin-like beauty

      ■Powder with high transparency is selected. A natural finish that allows you to see through your skin. Forms a thin film without worrying about whitening or thick coating even when layered.
      Light-reflecting effect smoothes pores and unevenness.
      Addiction loose powder with the highest oil content in history for long-lasting moistness.
      ■ Soft puff and mesh inner lid that makes it easy to take just the right amount
      ■ Alcohol (ethyl alcohol), mineral oil, paraben, gluten-free, vegan-friendly
      ■ Unscented