To/one Color Blossom 2023 AW Collection Set

Color 01

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To/one Color Blossom 2023 AW Collection.

Talk about your thoughts with the color and luster of flower petals. A new lipstick that makes my lips talk.

Contains 98% naturally derived ingredients for a smooth, melting feel.
Inspired by freely blooming flowers, it creates a sophisticated mood with pink, beige, and brown colors that make your skin look beautiful, and a fresh and raw luster.


*The product sell as a set, with refill and case

・01: Vivid and fresh bright orange that makes you feel bright
・02: Soft and gorgeous. A vermillion reddish orange that makes your face look brighter
・03: A sweet pink with a ruddy complexion. Innocent pure pink
・04: A beige pink with a warm color that melts into the skin and creates a sense of calmness
・05: A feminine reddish pink that gives a feeling of warmth and happiness
・06: Dusty with a faint bluish tone that impresses calmness and elegance Pink
・07: Royal pink brown that blends well with any skin tone and brings out the transparency of the skin.
・08: Matches both bluish and yellowish skin. Mocha brown with a natural impression
・09: A tolerant adult mood with a single application. Reddish rosy brown
・10: A modern deep rose that expresses the strength hidden inside with the blackness of plum