Pola B.A The Day Mask S

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A micro-foam mask for addressing the “sweat-induced slack” during summer.

Continual sweating in summer reduces the skin’s resilience. This mask firms and tones the skin during the day, protecting it from the “sweat-induced slack” that occurs especially in summer.

  • Micro-Foam Emulsion Formula- the developed an original Micro-Foam Emulsion Formula, which immediately infuses the moisturizing ingredients into the skin.
    The bubbles lightly cover the skin, smoothing and moisturizing it before applying makeup.
  • A “Super Mist Dermal Veil” created from milk, lotion, and the day mask. Lotion and milk combine to create a moisturizing and firming veil. The veil seals in the moisture for smooth, hydrated, and clear skin.
  • 60g