Nousaku NAJIMI Tumbler

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能作 - Nousaku NAJIMI Tumbler

It's a large tumbler made of 100% tin that fits comfortably in your hand. I made it easier to hold by making a depression on the thumb part. Contains about 350cc.

Since ancient times, tin has been used for sake brewers and teaware, as it is said that "the water contained in a tin bowl will not rot" or "the miscellaneous taste of liquor will become delicious." In modern times, it is said that the effect of ions purifies water and makes drinks mellow.

It also has excellent antibacterial properties and can be safely used as tableware. As it has a wide mouth, it is also recommended for water splitting and locks. Due to its high thermal conductivity, the vessel itself cools well, and you can enjoy the change in taste as the ice melts over time.

The soft tin texture gradually adapts to your hand as you use it, creating your own tumbler.

  • size- H90 φ90
  • capacity -About 350cc
  • Box size- H95 W95 D95
  • Weight (including box)- 373g
  • material -100% tin
  • Box specifications- Cosmetic box
  • Design- SOUGO.DP