Hacci Perfume Conditioner

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For hair that emits the soft light.Soft, fragrant, shiny hair. Fluffy volume, shine that shines from inside. eh! HACCI's perfume magic that makes you think your hair quality has changed. The concept of perfume conditioner is honey hair that is soft and shiny. When blown, the hair rises from the root and has a gloss like honey. A honey conditioner that gives a fluffy and glossy feel at the same time.
  • Mika components quickly penetrate the hair- It blends the beauty ingredients of mango, mangosteen, and cherimoya fruit extract *, which are said to be beautiful fruits worldwide because of their sweet and juicy visuals and tastes. Gives moisture quickly to hair. Care for damage after coloring.
  • Focus on UV rays directly linked to damage- Hair is constantly exposed to UV light and is damaged in the foreground. Focusing on UV care for hair with the same feeling as skin. Care for cuticles and for hair that won't lose to UV rays.
  • Magic for styling - After towel drying, dry while brushing for a “soft and shiny” finish! Realizes smooth and healthy glossy hair.
  • 240g