Celvoke Skin Resonate Liquid Foundation

Color 200

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Celvoke Skin Resonate Liquid Foundation.

A liquid foundation that provides coverage and comfort with an ultra-thin film that is full of moisture, creating a three-dimensional lustrous skin. 


    A foundation with a comfortable texture that makes your skin feel as if it is taking a deep breath. Covers skin noise such as blemishes, color unevenness, pores, unevenness, etc., and finishes like beautiful bare skin itself. It keeps your skin healthy while wearing it. The clear luster that reflects light along the skeleton of the face creates a lively and firm skin. For skin that is full of vitality and transparency, and gives off a natural yet overwhelming presence.
    ・The light, ultra-thin film covers skin concerns without feeling like a thick coat, giving you a three-dimensional luster. ・Stress-free and comfortable to
    use, just like a beauty lotion
    . So, long-lasting beauty without the need for a primer

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