Canmake Styling Dual Eyebrow

Color [01] Natural Brown

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Canmake Styling Dual Eyebrow.

Wax-based × Powder-based
Achieve soft, well-defined brows by combining textures and intensities ♡

A finish that looks just like natural brows.
Layering the differing textures and intensities of the wax- and powder-based brow colors creates an exquisitely nuanced effect, for a finish that looks just like natural brows.

Wax-based color: This rich shade delivers bold color that fills in the gaps between brow hairs and evens out your brow shape. Despite the wax-based formula, it doesn’t feel sticky and keeps brows looking perky for hours. Creates a finish that looks just like the natural pattern of brow growth.

Powder-based color: This light, smoky shade brings out the depth in your brows, for a beautifully defined finish.