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Stationery Award Winning Products - 2020

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Award Winning Products

The Annual List of Award-winning stationery products of 2020.

Functional Department

1. Grand Prix - Real Paper Clay Making Kit by Soma Co., Ltd.

Real Paper Clay Making Kit by Soma Co., Ltd

A handmade paper clay kit made from 100% paper carefully selected by a paper shop. Everything you need to make paper clay is set, and anyone can easily make it. You can learn how to make paper clay.

Grand Prix - Real Paper Clay Making Kit by Soma Co., Ltd.2

The paper clay is easy to make and everything needed is included.  It just smells as paper itself.

Paper Clay

2. Daylight Slimline 3 Lamp Solar LED Lamp by Industry Co., Ltd.Lamp2
Rechargeable for up to 8 hours of continuous lighting, you can expand your hands while using both hands freely, and you can adjust the angle up, down, left and right. It is ultra-lightweight at 0.7kg and folds compactly, so it consumes only 5W. 


3. Incense tool by GRASSE TOKYO Co., Ltd.

incent Paint

Fragrance is a paint that is a mixture of essential oils and paints. Anyone can easily create a new scent by painting a picture and enjoying the scent, or by mixing colors. Familiarity with the scent can improve the quality of life of society as a whole. Each color of paint has a different scent.

incense paint

A great surprise to your loved ones who receive your holiday card.

4. Clean board Claire wall-mounted type by Plus Co., Ltd.

clean board

A next-generation whiteboard that pursues eco-friendliness and cleanliness with magnetic sheets. Since no ink is used, there is no erasing residue! Since it does not use ink, you can write immediately at any time. Since there is no erasing residue, it does not stain your hands, clothes or surroundings. Good choice for office use, team meetings.

5. Bath Note - HAQUR by (Yes) Earl Corporation


Bath note2

If you(your kids) like to paint when taking shower, the Bath Notebook is a perfect choice for you. You can draw in the bath and paste it in the bath. Because it uses the material "Hakua" made of stone, it is a super-large notebook that is strong against water and environmentally friendly. If you peel it off with a spread and use it, you will have an A2 size bath poster.

Design Department

1. Glass Pen & Ink Pot by Hario Science Co., Ltd.

Glass pen

A transparent glass pen that dyes your heart. So beautiful and a perfect gift for yourself and your friend. "The location of the glass pen should be in the bag, not in the drawer." From the desire that the glass pen should be a practical writing instrument, we finished it with a thick shaft with a sense of security and a compact length that can be carried.  When writing a diary that looks back on the day, when writing out ideas that spring up, I stuck to a simple design so that I can be honest in front of this glass pen. You can easily remove the ink by gently shaking the glass pen in water.
Glass Pen5

2. Design Refill Pad Mini6 13mm by Ashford Co., Ltd.

Refill Pad

A simple and lightweight personal organizer with a rubber band and a refill pad on the back. The set note refill is a playful original design. Enjoy self-expression by attaching a charm to the ring or decorating the cover. A design refill pad recommended for stationery lovers who are full of curiosity. Refill pad format that most easily bundles refills for personal organizers. A lightweight plastic ring of 13 mm is used, and the rubber band cover can also be used as an underlay. 50 original refills (not sold separately) are set. Please enjoy making it into your favorite book by combining it with other commercial refills. It can also be used as a binder for refill storage.

3. Globe by Co., Ltd. Designphil


A compact, writable globe made of paper that is durable and has a texture. A blank map type where you can directly write where you want to go and records. With a built-in weight, it can be placed on a desk without a pedestal, and can be used as an interior decoration. A globe that overturns the conventional concept of "seeing, touching, and writing." Behind the fact that even the pedestal was removed was the desire to make the globe more free. Approximately, a globe has a rotation axis stuck along the inclination of the earth's axis, and the upper and lower positions are usually fixed with a pedestal, but I made it all free. Write your own map on the Globe.

 3. Japanese Color Sample Book Sticker by Kamio Japan Inc.

Kamio Japan Inc.

This series expresses various Japanese emotions with gentle materials. We were able to expand the series to include stickers, sticky notes, letter sets, and masking tape. It is such a series that you will be fascinated just by looking at it. 

3. Barrier-free calendar by (with) Mamido Tezuka foil stamping place

Barrier free calendar

You can visually and tactilely access the embossed characters. A color type with a gentle color scheme and a white background type with shades of light that create a three-dimensional effect. A barrier-free calendar with a simple design that can be used by both visually impaired and sighted people.


Which one is your choice of your 2020 stationery award winner? How do you spend your time with the stationery? How do you record your daily life or make plans? Share your story with your friends and families. Spending the rest of year with your loved stationeries and your loved ones.


2020 Holiday Stationery

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