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Romance in Spring

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The cherry blossom will start to bloom in March. It is the time when friends and family get together under the cheery tree to have a picnic, drink and dance, to enjoy the warmer weather and good spring scent.

In this blog, we'll introduce some early spring products made to celebrate the sakura romance.

1. Les Merveillesuses Laduree Face Color Sakura

The Face Color Sakura is a limited edition released this Spring by LM Laduree. The limited cherry blossom face color is designed as the look of cherry blossom and also the limited pot is a decoration of your dresser. The cheek blush is carefully hand-made, which brings the joy and fulfilment when apply.

Sukura spring1

Face color Sakura and limited edition pot/ release on March 1, 2021.

2. House of Rose spring body care series "Sakurafufufu"

spring-only body care series that is wrapped in the slightly sweet scent of freshly bloomed cherry blossoms Contains a beauty moisturizing ingredient derived from "Sunlight Sakura" that grew up in full sunlight. The lineup is lovely and pinky. The whole lineup including bath and bodycare. Also the scent of the series is the scent of cherry blossom. 

Sakura fufufu

From left to right - Sakurafufufu Body Cream 140g/ Sakurafufufu Body Soap 300ml/ Sakurafufufu bath beads 8g/ Body Smoother SK (Sakura scent) 350g/ Sakurafufufu Body Colon 50ml/ Sakurafufufu Body Whipped Mousse 120g/ Sakurafufufu Bath Powder & Tablet 35g/ Released in late January, 2021.

3. Cosme De Corte Shear Lip Balm

Decorte new lip balm for pure lips like cherry blossom. Three colors of soft pink lip balm, brings the feeling of spring.

 Decorte lip balm

Decorte lip balm2

Cosme De Corte Shear Lip Balm 3 colors/ released on February 16, 2021

4. Tart Tartellette Juicy Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette

20 colors palette with pinky, rosy, neutral and brown. A lovely and playful palette to cerebrate the new spring.

tart spring

Tartlet Juicy Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow Palette with, released in Feb, 2021.

5. Jill Stuart Flora Notice

Jill Stuart Flora Notice set contains the Cherry Blossom Eau de Perfum & Hand Cream as well as a Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume. Bringing the soft cherry blossom scent and fresh. moisture to your bare skin.

Jill Stuart

Flora Notice Jill Stuart Cherry Blossom Solid Perfume, 7g, released on Feb 22, 2021/ Flora Notice Jill Stuart Cherry Blossom Eau de Parfum & Hand Cream, 20ml/20g, released on Feb 22, 2021.

6. Jill Stuart Lucky Gem My Lips 03 Alluring Aries

Jill Stuart's March release of the Lucky Gem series. It is a concept of 12 lips that are dyed in your own color, with a design of a uniquely shining lucky stone and the message from stars. 03 is a ruby color that is fascinating and attractive to everyone. It contains blue, red and silver pearls. The package is also gorgeous.Jill Stuart lips Jill Stuart Lucky Gem My Lips 03 Alluring Aries, released on March 5, 2021

7. Elegance Rayon Julais N

Elegance has released a new series of one-color eyeshadows, with 8 shades and 2 limited colors. It is a series with rich colors, varies from warm brown colors to cold smoky eyes.

Elegance eyeshadow Elegance Rayon Julais N 01-08,100(limited),101(limited), released on Feb18th, 2021.

8. Lunasol Eye Coloration SS2021

Breathtakingly bright colors and colors with delicate nuances. A texture packed with plenty of glitter and a matte and neat texture. A 4-color set of eye shadows that allows you to freely play with unique colors and textures. The beautiful color scheme colors the eyelids so that they blend in, giving a three-dimensional look.



Lunasol Eye Coloration SS2021, 2 new colors release on 2021.1.22

*some pictures are downlowed from Maquia online


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