Unmix Eyebrow Pen

Color 01 Silent Dark

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Unmix Eyebrow Pen.

Eyebrow powder is essential for delicately blurring the color.The focus was on the shine.
The problem with eyebrow powder is that the eyebrows, which are finished with dry pigments, become wet with sebum over time, darkening the color and changing the color of the eyebrows. Another thing is that eyebrow makeup made with dry powder is easy to remove.

In order to solve these problems, development began by creating a core using a pigment that has been processed so that the color does not change over time, and also adopting a volatile film formulation that will not disintegrate until the eyebrow makeup is removed. The goal was to create a line drawn with this lead that could be blurred beautifully with a brush, making it look like powder.