Twany Century The Foundation a (Midi)

Color Pink Ocher B

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Twany Century The Foundation a (Midi).

It's blissful mellowness. Beautiful bare skin finish that exceeds bare skin.
Twany's finest serum foundation.

With a color that blends well with the skin and a gloss that oozes moisture, it naturally covers unevenness and uneven color of the skin. The result is as if the bare skin was beautiful from the beginning.
With a rich feel like skin care cream, it comfortably wraps and blends into the skin.
The moisturizing effect during the day keeps the skin moisturized, leading to moist and smooth skin with a smooth texture.
An oriental floral bouquet scent inspired by the pure and noble scent of the flower "Egypt Lotus," which was regarded as a "symbol of rebirth and resurrection" in ancient Egypt.
Contains plant extract and botanical essence

SPF20 / PA ++, 5 colors, 15g