RMK Pure Complexion Blush


Color 01 Blissful Burgundy

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RMK Pure Complexion Blush.

A variety of colors that bring out the color of your skin and beautifully dye your cheeks and heart.
A highly pigmented blush that allows you to wear the impression of the color as it is, with a transparent coloring and a carefully selected color variation that is easy to blend in with various skin tones. A single brush will fill you with a sense of exhilaration.

・01 Deep burgundy with a good balance of dullness and vividness. A chic and modern look.
・02 Yellowish amber orange. For healthy skin with a three-dimensional pearly feel. as a bronzer.
・03 Lavender with exquisite bluish and pinkish hues. Wearing gorgeous pearl brilliance and transparency.
・04 Bright gold, red brown with sparkling red pearls. A color that adds a passionate mood.
・05 Bright and fresh orange with beige nuances. Colors that suit a variety of skin tones.
・06 A lustrous and pretty pink with a variety of pearls. Expressing cuteness that is not too sweet.
・07 A warm rose beige. A gorgeous nuance like petals dancing lightly.
・08 Pale coral with soft coloring. It blends naturally into the skin and creates a cuteness and complexion.
・09 Pink beige with a good balance of pink and orange. Gives a calm and dignified impression.
・10 Coral beige with a polished luster. Refined luster and color that add sweetness.