NMN Pure 30000 Plus (30 Packets)

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Mirai Lab NMN Pure 30000 Plus (30 Packets).

Be stronger! Shine more! Beyond the never-before-seen “future”
NMN Pure 30000 is a special product that contains only rare NMN ingredients. 1000mg of NMN was added to one package (30000mg was added to one box).
Mirai Lab's NMN has an overwhelmingly high purity of 99.8% and is a safe NMN supplement that has been recognized for its quality and used in large-scale human clinical studies funded by the United States Department of Defense.

75g (2.5g x 30 packets)

It is recommended for such people
●Those who want to take in more NMN at one time
●Those who want to refresh themselves and look younger
●Those who do not want to feel their age 
●Those who are highly conscious of beauty
●Those who want to maintain 
energy Those who want to spend time
● Those who want to stay healthy
● Those who are concerned about their physical condition

Take 1 sachet a day with water or lukewarm water. (You can also eat it by dissolving it in water or lukewarm water.)

Energy 9.53kcal/protein 0.53g/lipid 0.065g/carbohydrate 1.7g/salt equivalent 0.000017g per packet (2.5g)