Jill Stuart Something Pure Blue Lip Bouquet Serum

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Jill Stuart Something Pure Blue Lip Bouquet Serum.

A scent full of blessings and a plump and firm finish.
Honey lip plumper that gently wraps your lips with naturally derived ingredients.

6ml, limited release on April 26th

●A limited edition sheer blue lip serum inspired by Something Pure Blue is now available, with a moisturizing lip serum infused with the essence of flowers.
●Base composed of 90% natural origin index.
●Comfortable cooling sensation and plump effect will leave your lips plump and firm. A lip serum with a warm, warm sensation and a smooth, cooling sensation.
●Contains melting fit oil that provides plenty of moisture with a high moisturizing effect, crystal coating ingredients that wrap your lips in a thick film and protect them with gloss, and 5 types of plant-derived moisturizing ingredients. It will lead to plump, plump and glossy lips.
●Large pearls in blue, pink, purple, and green add shine and luster to your lips.
●Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
●Smell of something blue bouquet.