Jill Stuart Pastel Petal Blush

Color 01 apricot daisy

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Jill Stuart Pastel Petal Blush.

Detailed fit and transparent foggy finish.
A cheek color that has a soft complexion and brightness.

Release on April 5th.

●Introducing a new cheek color with a soft color that gives a soft complexion and brightness. Utilizing the beautiful gradation, it naturally blurs the pores and unevenness of the cheeks with light, giving the skin a filter-like appearance.
●Fine powder coated with oil fits smoothly on the skin. It has a high adhesion that melts into your skin and is comfortable to wear without feeling burdensome.
●Contains highly transparent clear powder to achieve a finish without a white film feeling. In addition, the transparent and bright pastel colors add a soft color to your cheeks.
●Blooming Blur Powder absorbs sebum, leaving you with a beautiful finish and a lasting moisturizing feeling.
●Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free, paraben free.
●Crystal floral bouquet scent.

01 apricot daisy
Apricot with a bright and lively impression like a daisy
02 baby tulip
Lovely neutral pink like tulips
03 misty lilac
A transparent purple inspired by soft lilac.
04 dressed peony
A sweet peony-like bluish pink *Main color
05 muted dahlia
Attractive red beige like a large dahlia
06 mellow ranunculus
Pretty coral beige like a ranunculus
101 bluerose wish ★Limited color
Blue x rose with fleeting feelings like a blue rose