Jill Stuart Icy Shampoo Pink Lemonade White Floral

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Jill Stuart Icy Shampoo Pink Lemonade White Floral.

Envelop yourself with refreshing bubbles and a sweet, refreshing scent.
A shampoo that cleans and refreshes your hair after sweating.


limited release on May 10th.

●A shampoo that gently envelops your hair with a sweet, refreshing scent and soft, refreshing foam, giving you high-quality, shiny hair.
●A luxurious combination of two types of scalp care ingredients. While refreshingly cleansing sweaty scalp and stickiness caused by sebum, it leads to smooth hair that is easy to run your fingers through.
●Contains menthol, so you can enjoy a refreshing and cool feeling.
●Moisturizing ingredients such as lemon extract and raspberry extract provide moisture to the hair, and cuticle coat ingredients, hair coating ingredients, and hair internal repair ingredients coat each hair strand.
●The color care formula cares for color-damaged hair and creates a beautiful hair color.
●For hair that has become alkaline due to hair coloring, etc., use a mildly acidic shampoo to tighten the cuticle.
●Every time you use it, a sweet and refreshing scent gently wraps your hair.
●Alcohol (ethyl alcohol) free.
●Paraben free.
●Pink Lemonade White floral scent.