Jill Stuart Icy Hand Essence Pink Lemonade White Floral

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Jill Stuart Icy Hand Essence Pink Lemonade White Floral.

Fills your hands with fresh moisture and a sweet, refreshing scent.
A cool hand essence that can be used comfortably even in summer.


limited release on May 10th.

●A hand essence that fills your hands with a sweet, refreshing scent and a fresh touch. It feels like a serum that absorbs easily, and can be used comfortably for hand care in the summer when we tend to be careless.
●Contains menthol for a cool feel, so you can use it comfortably even in the hot summer.
●Contains juicy and fresh fruit extract. Leaves your hands moisturized, soft and transparent without being sticky.
●With a non-sticky feel, you can touch your computer or smartphone immediately.
●Every time you use it, a sweet and refreshing scent gently envelops your hands.
●Paraben free.
●Pink Lemonade White floral scent.