Jill Stuart Hair Milk White Floral

Style White Floral

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Jill Stuart Hair Milk White Floral.

Moisturizes from the inside, for smooth fingers.
A hair milk with a jewel-like luster and gorgeous fragrance.


● A hair milk that protects hair from dryness, UV damage, and the heat of dryers while providing moisture to each strand, giving it a supple and cohesive texture. The gorgeous scent of the new white floral and limited edition milk tea blend lasts.
●Because it uses ingredients that are familiar with the hair, you can feel the penetration that spreads lightly and melts into your hair. It has a non-sticky feel while retaining moisture.
●With plant-derived internal repair ingredients and naturally-derived cuticle repair ingredients, hair is double-repaired from the inside and outside.
It also repairs damaged hair and makes it smooth to the touch.
●The softening ingredient softens stiff hair and creates a supple and moist texture.