Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Something Pure Blue Perfumed Hand Essence

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Jill Stuart Crystal Bloom Something Pure Blue Perfumed Hand Essence.

The scent of Something Pure Blue and the moisture of flowers on your hands.
Fresh hand essence of limited fragrance.

Limited release on April 26th, 40g

●A colorful floral bouquet blooms with the soft transparency of a wedding veil, creating the most celebratory and pure fragrance in the world. Crystal Bloom Something Pure Blue limited edition hand essence.
●The oil and scent that blends well into the skin melts away, enveloping your hands with a refreshing and fresh touch.
●Contains 5 carefully selected plant-derived beauty ingredients that provide high-quality moisture to the skin, including damask rose extract and camellia oil. It gives a fragrance and a sense of moisture and clarity. It blends into the skin of your hands immediately, so you can use it without any stickiness.
●Every time you use it, the scent spreads throughout your hands and skin, inviting you to the happy feeling of holding a bouquet of flowers.
●Smell of something blue bouquet.