Hacci Serum in UV Body Cream M

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Hacci Serum in UV Body Cream M.

A higher-grade UV body cream that protects your skin from UV rays while enjoying makeup.
Beautiful skin recipes packed with stories related to the ocean will give you the confidence to become anyone just by wearing them!

High SPF, yet has a light and comfortable texture that is as smooth as a body cream and blends easily into the skin.
A well-balanced blend of marine-derived tightening ingredients, pearls, and honey for beautiful skin, silhouette makeup, and moisture.
It blocks UV rays, protects your skin from damage, and keeps your skin moisturized and beautiful for as long as you wear it.

SPF50+/PA++++, 70g

    The popular Mandarin Jasmine scent is back!
    A bright and stylish fruity floral scent with juicy and bursting mandarin and lovely and gentle jasmine.

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