Etvos Mineral Watery Shadow

Color Sorbet Pearl

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Etvos Mineral Watery Shadow.

A shimmering watery shadow that moisturizes sensitive eyelids.
Introducing the brand's first watery shadow that will brighten up the dazzling summer.
A thin veil that fits your eyelids and creates a delicate shimmer like the surface of water.

The moisturizing texture spreads comfortably on eyelids that tend to become dull due to dryness, and since it fits gently and moistly, it doesn't get smudged or crumble.
Unleash the coolness of your gaze, twinkling coolly even in the heat.

#Sorbet Pearl

A pale pink like a refreshing and sweet sherbet. It brings brightness and transparency to the eyes, and when applied to the lower eyelids, it creates a dewy look. Pearls in silver, red, and polarized yellow blend well with your skin.


A gorgeous blue-pink color that resembles an enchanting cocktail. Applying a thin layer brings out a pure impression and creates a cute impression. Add a little fantasy with pearls such as silver, polarized red, and polarized purple.

#Peach beige

A pink coral that expresses a healthy sense of temperature with light. A versatile color that is easy to match with any occasion, leading your gaze with elegance. Pearls in red, pink beige, and polarized yellow create a gentle impression.

#Bronze Shine

A sunny copper brown that shines in the summer mood. Adds a light, luxurious feel to both tanned and bright skin. Pearls of brown, pink beige, polarized yellow, etc. give you a calm and mature look.