Etvos Mineral Pressed Cheek 2023 Summer

Color Malibu Orange

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Etvos Mineral Pressed Cheek 2023 Summer.

Presto cheek, is a set of two shades of light and shade, made of minerals and moisturizing ingredients. The UV effect protects the cheeks, which tend to get sunburned, from UV rays.

  • Two shades of color give a three-dimensional effect on the cheeks.
  • Non-chemical formulation, SPF20 PA ++
  • Can be removed with soap and lukewarm water

#malibu orange

A healthy sunset orange with the summer sunset reflected on your cheeks.
The combination of the main color with a bright complexion and the highlight color that brings out the luster and transparency creates a positive look that suits summer.

#kahlua bronze

A bronze brown that draws a three-dimensional effect with a very natural shade.
The main color, which is more sheer than it looks, has a cool yet soft impression. Create a bold sense of transparency with a highlight color that seems to let the sunlight in.