Three Dimensional Vision Eye Palette Ally

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Three Dimensional Vision Eye Palette Ally.

Four-color cream eyeshadow palette that brings out the original depth of the gaze with a minimalist effect that allows the eyelids to show through. Seamless graduation is quickly completed with a tip or finger while swaying the brilliance.
Use one color for nuances. Balance with two colors. Use 3 colors for depth. Possibility with 4 colors. Layers of color, texture, and brilliance expand the variation and creativity of eye makeup.

Four kinds of colors and textures that express your own beauty.
How many colors should be used, how many colors should be layered, and so on.
Depending on your mood and fashion, you can use single color or multiple colors, and the way of painting and the order of painting are flexible. Face yourself through make-up and find today's balance.