Three Balancing Treatment Eye Lotion


Three Balancing Treatment Eye Lotion

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Three Balancing Treatment Eye Lotion.

The warming sensation relaxes the eye area to create the impression of firmness.

The eye lotion comprises two layers that should be mixed before use. One layer consists of essential oils and botanical oils. Another is an aqueous layer containing botanical water.

The lotion penetrates deeply into the horny layer while causing the skin around the eyes to become moisturized and smooth. A comfortable sensation that feels as if it is gently warming from within releases strain around the eye.

It makes the skin bright and pliant, giving the impression that the eye area is firm and supple.

  • How to use - 1. Shake the bottle well. Dampen a cotton pad with an appropriate amount of the lotion (about the size of muscat for an eye). Apply by beginning with the area below the eye near the corner of the eye. Move to the area below the eye near the tail of the eye, and then to the temple. Apply little by little so that the lotion can penetrate the skin. 2. Apply similarly to the skin between the eyebrows and the area above the eye.
  • 97 ml