Three Balancing Point Makeup Remover R


Three Balancing Point Makeup Remover R

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Three Balancing Point Makeup Remover R.

Just a wipe removes eye make-up without any stress,
leaving the eyelids feeling refreshed.
Two-layer make-up remover for the eyes and lips made of botanical oils and botanical waters blended in a fine balance to take advantage of their respective characteristics.
Inhaling its aroma deeply, give the eyelids a quick wipe to effortlessly remove make-up as well as the tired look.
It removes make-up perfectly while protecting the eyes and lips and keeping them hydrated.
How to use - Use before cleansing and washing the entire face. Shake the bottle well and saturate a cotton pad with 2 to 3 drops of the product for the lips, and 2 to 3 drops for each eye.
Place the cotton pad at the center of the lips and wipe it upward toward the direction of the corners of the mouth. Place the cotton pad on the eyelid and leave it for a few seconds to let the product dissolve make-up, then gently sweep it across the eyelid to wipe the make-up away.

  • 90ml