THREE Aiming R Trial Kit


THREE Aiming R Trial Kit

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THREE Aiming R Trial Kit.

Skin care that connects aging and beauty. Trial kit of new aiming line.

Due to the busy days, the malfunction gradually piles up. The instability occurs in the body and mind due to the cycle of the moon and aging. To snuggle up to these troubles that many women are experiencing.
THREE's aging skin care Aiming has been renewed for a deeper sense of fulfillment.
Starting from cleansing to finishing cream, we will deliver a limited kit that allows you to try 5 basic items from the Aiming line.
Invited by the transparent scent of organic damask rose. We will lead you to the skin you want to be now, full of firmness filled with a sense of fulfillment.

Set Contents

THREE Aiming Soft Cleansing Gel R <Makeup Remover> 28g
THREE Aiming Soap R <Frame Kneaded Soap> 8g x 2
THREE Aiming Lotion R <Lotion> 30mL
THREE Aiming Emulsion R <Emulsion> 28mL
THREE Aiming Cream R 10g

Limited edition