Three Aiming Cleansing Balm


Three Aiming Cleansing Balm

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“It removes accumulated unnecessary substances and brings you soft and clear skin.”

Balm-typed cleansing oil soft to the point of sensualizing. The balm, made from an exquisite blending of selected oils, butter, and wax all derived from plant, will melt on the skin at skin temperature, tenderly massaging the skin and firmly catch your makeup, as well as old keratin and pore clogs to make your skin clear. It will emulsify quickly with water and bring supple texture and transparency to your skin.

  • How to use - Use a spatula to take an appropriate amount (as tiny as a grain of muscat) in your dry clean hand. Warm the balm lightly in your hand and place it in six places: neck, chin, cheeks, nose, forehead. When the balm starts to melt at body temperature, massage from the center of your face outward in a circular pattern, in order of where you placed it. When the balm becomes lightly fluffy to the touch, rinse with water or lukewarm water.
  • 85g