The Brashu Dr Scalp

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The Brashu Dr Scalp.

A hairbrush with two-tiered flocking that reaches the pores.
The pores of the scalp, which are said to have about 40,000 pieces, and dirt that cannot be removed with fingers are thoroughly scraped off and massaged.
It has a patented structure that fits the scalp firmly no matter how you apply the brush-up, down, left, or right.

[Cleansing & Massage Effect] By brushing when shampooing, the patented scalp adhesion design and 572 tip ball pins firmly remove 40,000 pore stains and massage. It prepares the scalp environment and leads to firm, firm, and glossy hair.

[Increasing the penetration of the treatment] By brushing the hair after the treatment, the cuticle can be prepared and the active ingredients can be delivered firmly and evenly to the hair. Please experience the difference in the finish.

[Gloss and volume to hair with styling] By using it for finishing styling, the hair is firmly raised from the root and a voluminous and cohesive styling is realized.

  • popular item in Japan :)