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Suqqu Masculate Massage & Mask Cream

Suqqu Masculate Massage & Mask Cream

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In early spring 2020, SUQQU is set to release a limited-edition massage cream with an exquisite scent that combines two types of sweet olive blossom.
It comes in a set that includes a facial cleanser scrub to combat winter skin issues such as rough dead skin cells caused by dry conditions.
This kit is designed to let you experience “skin with good posture” as you step into the new year.

Kit Contents

    Just like we stretch our bodies, setting aside around three minutes every day for massage creates a radiant, youthful face by toning and firming your skin. (Comes with a sponge cloth and spatula)
  • Face Refresher R(30mL)
    A wipe-off toner that removes excess oil and dead skin cells to create smooth, silken skin.
  • Clay Purifying Scrub(30g)
    A gel-type facial cleanser scrub that gently absorbs sebum and clears pores. This “crush” scrub locks in moisture for smooth, plump, hydrated skin.
Fresh citrusy top notes, characterized by bergamot and mandarin, melt into lingering heart notes of sweet and calming golden sweet olive blossom and gently refreshing silver sweet olive. Base notes of musk, amber, and woody scents envelop the whole for a calming impression.