RMK Translucent Face Powder


Color N00

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RMK Translucent Face Powder.

For skin that fits snugly and keeps the beauty and transparency of the finish.
A face powder that absorbs excess sebum and keeps the beauty of freshly made base makeup. Contains two types of powders that provide transparency and adhesion, powders that have a light-diffusing effect, and essences that have a moisturizing effect. Achieves a transparent veil-like finish that does not make you feel powdery. There are 4 colors to choose from, such as a no-color type that creates more natural skin and a pearl type that gives a refined luster, depending on the skin you want to be.

  • N00 No color type that makes the best use of the original skin color
  • P00 Pearl type that adds a refined luster
  • 01 Slightly colored type for slightly lighter skin color
  • 02 Slightly colored for natural skin color Type that colors
  • All 4 colors / N00 ・ P00 8.5g / 01 ・ 02 8g / SPF13 ~ 14 PA ++