RMK The Matte Lip Color (Limited Colors)


Color EX-02 Tuscan Clay

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RMK The Matte Lip Color EX02, EX03. 

A matte lip color filled with the fresh spring mood.
The lineup includes two colors that allow you to create both stylish and cute makeup.
A new type of matte lip with a rich color that melts into your lips and a comfortable smooth velvet texture.
The two limited edition colors give off a comfortable, fresh and vibrant feel that will naturally make you want to pick them up in the ever-changing mood of spring. The light texture and familiarity with your skin will draw it to you and suit you.

EX-02 Tuscan Clay
A beige color with a focus on contemporary saturation. The exquisite colors, which have nuances of brown-pink, red, and yellow, reflect the ever-changing mood.

EX-03 Frame Lily
A brick brown that captures the soft red of spring. The color is bright and blends well with the skin, creating a vibrant, gorgeous and chic impression.