RMK Gel Creamy Foundation
RMK Gel Creamy Foundation
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RMK Gel Creamy Foundation


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RMK Gel Creamy Foundation.

Covering power made possible by gels and creams.
For moisturized, sophisticated and glossy skin.
Gel creamy foundation that combines the transparency of gel and the covering power of cream. The gel fits along the skin and moisturizing ingredients such as royal jelly extract and hyaluronic acid keep it moisturized. The powder, which is as light as mist, absorbs excess sebum and keeps the freshly applied finish. Produces glossy skin while covering with a sense of transparency.
[Usage: 1-2 pushes].

After smoothing the skin with the base, take an appropriate amount of foundation and spread it evenly from the center of the face to the outside with Foundation Brush N or fingers.