RMK Dancing Dimensions Face Palette


Color 01 Sedona

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RMK Dancing Dimensions Face Palette.

A face palette with soft highlights that gives your skin a glowing glow and presence.
Introducing two exquisite color variations that exude an energetic rhythm from your cheeks. A blush with a soft color that retains its transparency (left), and a highlight that catches the light and gives a rich color (right). The special three-dimensional effect created by layering the two, and the finish with only the cheek highlights are richly expressive.

Cheeks that bring out the complexion and give a subtle glow, and highlights that have a high-shine texture that gives shine and moisture are must-have items that blend well with any type of skin and create healthy, fresh skin.

Limited release on Nov 2nd.

・01 Sedona
Spirit A healthy, warm and fluffy beige cheek. Layer golden orange highlights to create a three-dimensional look and lively shine.

・02 Rose Parade
A rose cheek that gives color while making your skin look soft. Layer bright and glossy millennial pink highlights on your cheeks to make a statement.