RMK Dancing Dimensions Eyeshadow Palette


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RMK Dancing Dimensions Eyeshadow Palette.

Vibrant, high-shine, sparkling pearls color the eyelids in three dimensions to create impressive eyes. An 8-color eyeshadow palette woven with gorgeousness, vibrancy, color and light.
The 8 exciting colors are filled with pearl shine and have a translucent formula that blends into your skin as you see them.

It has both an uplifting mood and feels good on the skin, and the exquisite nuances of not only single colors but also layered pearl textures are impressive.

A set of 3 types of pearl-rich textures with different textures that give you a holiday feel: Shiny Shimmer, RMK New Texture High Shine, and Shiny Shimmer. We have created a palette filled with a variety of charms that you can apply to your eyelids as inspired and discover a new side.

Limited release on Nov 2nd.

Clockwise from top left
- Astral Yellow (HSH): Neon lime green and yellow sparkles intertwine like countless stars dancing in the air.

・Moss Green (SM): Golden shimmer with a moss green base brings out a mature look.

・Lavender Pink (SHSM): Transparent lavender pink adds a subtle sweetness and shine to the eyes.

・Neon Purple (SM): A stylish color that reminds you of bright rose petals and can be the focal point.

・Electric Rose (SHSM): A vibrant rose red with a wet luster for a dignified and deep mood.

・Midnight Silver (SM): Chic and modern. A seasonal color that feels contemporary.

・Copper Brown (SHSM): A bright orange-brown that blends into the skin and plays with pink and gold grain pearls to add a sense of elation.

・Nectar Pink (HSH): Gold and pink light create a special impression.

・High Shine (HSH): A highly transparent base color with plenty of large-grained pearls for a gorgeous look. It is also recommended to layer it with other eyeshadows to add some sparkle.

・Shiny Shimmer (SHSM): A pearl-rich finish with the shine of fine pearls and the shimmer of large pearls. The color applied to the base develops as you see it.

・Shimmer (SM): Fine pearls shine on the surface, creating a pearly feel that takes advantage of the charm of the base color.