Pola Grand Charge Beautiful Enzyme Individually Wrapped Type

Size 10ml*30bags

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Pola Grand Charge Beautiful Enzyme Individually Wrapped Type.

Condensed fermented extracts of 385 kinds of materials. Fill your body with the power of enzymes to make it more beautiful. No preservatives, flavors, sweets, colorings, acidulants or bitterness. Individually wrapped type.

The power of "Jiuqu" is to produce traditional Japanese fermented foods. Miso and soy sauce, as well as amazake, which has been used for beauty and health since the Edo period, are also made from this koji. At POLA, in order to deliver the power of Jiuqu itself to the body, we succeeded for the first time in the industry in extracting rice Jiuqu carefully made by the sake brewery craftsman "Mori". A luxurious blend of "Original Jiuqu Fermented Extract" for beauty and health, which can only be taken with "Grand Charge Beautiful Enzyme". We are particular about additive-free design.