Pola Active Power Kimisan Gold


Pola Active Power Kimisan Gold

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Pola Active Power Kimisan Gold.

Polar original "Red Ginseng Gold Extract" which is rich in useful ingredients by "explosion manufacturing method", "Fresh Maca Extract" which supports maintenance of vitality, ginger extract, turmeric extract, licorice extract, nut extract Contains iron and vitamins that women tend to lack. In addition, by adopting a cyclodextrin prescription that supports absorption, it supports daily vitality.

A hasty and sustainable power-up drink learned from Eastern thought. For every day full of vitality.
Polar original extract "Red Ginseng Gold Extract", "Fresh Maca Extract" to support the maintenance of vitality, "Ginger Extract", "Ukon Extract", "Lactobacillus Extract", "Natsume Extract", "Chenpi Extract" for women Contains iron and B vitamins that tend to be deficient. We support active everyday life full of "energy". 26kcal per bottle, non-caffeine.
Nutritionally functional foods (iron, VB1, VB2)